Norvida grundades i Stockholm 1990. Idag är vi en väletablerad köttpartner på såväl butiksmarknaden som inom foodservice. Huvudkontoret ligger i Nacka. Vi finns även i Finland, Norge och Brasilien. Allt som allt är vi idag omkring 30 personer i Sverige och 10 i övriga länder.

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Sales Manager Finland

We believe that times are changing. Business is no longer just about buying and selling – at least not for us. Meat is what we know, and it’s what we love. That’s why we’re putting all our time and energy into helping as many people as we can, not to buy as much meat as possible, but to buy meat which satisfies the needs of today and tomorrow for taste, fairness, sustainability, and profitability. Fifty-two weeks per year, this year and every year.

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